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Working in partnership

As each child is unique, we believe that it is essential to work in partnership with parents to maximise the children’s learning and development.

Each child will be allocated a member of staff (key person) who will, prior to the beginning of the placement, discuss with you:

  • the physical and emotional needs of your child, to help ensure that his or her care is tailored to meet their individual requirements
  • your child’s stage of development across each of the areas of learning
  • important people in your child’s life
  • a settling-in strategy, to ensure the transition from the home to the nursery environment is a positive experience for both you and your child
  • policies and procedures implemented within the nursery, to ensure children’s safety and well-being
  • your values and beliefs.

Settling in

We aim to work in partnership with parents to ensure transition periods are as smooth and trouble free for children as possible. Parents/carers are encouraged to help settle their children into the nursery until they are confident with staff and other children.

Key Persons

The key person will regularly meet with you to discuss your child’s progress. Written assessment records will be maintained, which you will be able to access. You will also be able to contribute to learning journals on a regular basis.

We ask you to share your observations of your children while they are at home, so that planning for their interests becomes a two-way process.

Your child’s key person will oversee the settling-in process, and for young babies will, as much as possible, undertake the feeding and changing of your baby to ensure continuity of care in the initial stage.

However, a key person will not have sole responsibility for caring for your child within the nursery and will support your child to form warm, caring attachments with all members of staff and other children.

Quarterly Review

The key person will arrange three-monthly review meetings to monitor the progress your child is making in both the home and nursery environment – this will be discussed with you and further learning plans devised. Other informal meetings and discussions can take place at other times to suit individual needs. We encourage parents and carers to maintain a regular two-way flow of information, so that we can continue to meet children’s changing needs to a high standard.

Development Records

All observations and developmental records are shared with members of the staff team, to ensure appropriate support is given to your child to extend his or her learning, regardless of the activities he or she chooses to engage in throughout the day.

Local Community

We also work in partnership with the local community, for example by organizing regular social events and workshops. Past events for the local community have included planting fruit trees and making Christmas decorations with natural materials at Mother Goose Greendale’s wildlife garden.