Chancengleichheit - Haupt Artikel


Praktiken Mutter Gans Baumschulen "durch die Gleichheit der Chancen und Integration untermauert. Die Mitarbeiter sind sowohl männliche als auch weibliche, mit einer breiten Altersbereich und unterschiedliche kulturelle Hintergründe, , das die kulturelle Vielfalt der Bereiche, die wir bedienen.


To help support the children’s positive understanding and attitude towards their own and other cultures, the nurseries celebrate a range of different religious festivals and customs throughout the year. Children and parents are encouraged to contribute knowledge about the culture and customs from their own family background.


The nurseries encourage all children attending to take part in all activities and do not discriminate in relation to age, gender or ethnicity. Discriminatory attitudes will be confronted and more positive attitudes encouraged through explanation and activities. In cases of continuous abusive, discriminatory comments or attitudes, your child’s place will be terminated.

Special Educational Needs

Children with additional educational needs are incorporated into our nurseries. Staff work closely with parents and other key professionals to ensure that these children receive maximum support to learn and develop skills across the seven areas of learning.

Each nursery has a designated member of staff who has received training in supporting children with additional educational needs and they will help parents through the additional educational needs ‘statementing’ procedure if necessary. This will ensure that the children receive sensitive support to enable them to reach their full potential.