I have been teaching music at Mother Goose for nearly 30 years and am hugely grateful to Krish, Curtis, Zara and family for the support they’ve given me over that time. Believe it or not, I actually taught Zara when she was a little girl so it’s very special to be able to work with her now. Outdoor learning is a passion of mine so it’s been great to put this into practice in the Mother Goose Wildlife Garden, singing and playing junk percussion with families from the local community at the nursery’s bi-annual Music in the Wildlife Garden events as well as running outdoor music sessions with nursery children in the Summer. Big thanks also to Mother Goose for supporting my online music sessions during the C-19 lockdown – you’re the best!

Miss Kitty

Our relationship with Mother Goose nursery started in the 1990s and has been enduring. We remain in touch. Both our daughters attended Mother Goose Nursery, seven years apart! We have such positive memories of their time there. Our overriding experience was that of supportive, caring, reliable staff who built trusted relationships with our family.
We found Mother Goose a safe and happy place where our girls thrived. The balance between developmental learning and play worked for us and, most importantly, we felt our children were in safe hands there. As parents it is paramount to have trust and confidence in your childcare provider and this was soundly developed with the Mother Goose team. We had a successful partnership and our girls benefited both socially and emotionally from time there. The transition from nursery to school was easy and helped by the good experience we had with Mother Goose. Very happy memories of Mother Goose and we thank them very much for this!

Caroline Waldron

Our daughter started at Mother Goose Nursery in 1992 aged 5 months and, as an only child, was able to socialise with others, two of whom were bridesmaids at her wedding 2 years ago. The loving care and early years learning she received over the 5 years at nursery were a massive contribution to her growth, confidence and achievement. We know that the guilt we felt at leaving her was mitigated by our confidence in the nursery structure and communication and top level of care for our daughter’s well being and progress.

Ling Wong and Patsy Dale

Mother goose nurseries provided both our children with the key life skills required in a fun, safe ,loving environment. In 1999 the nursery was highly recommended by the other parents, once we started we quickly notice the difference in our daughters development, she always loved a challenge and with so much choice of so structured activities she was never bored. A couple of years later when our son arrived, our only question was, when could he start. I loved the fact that staff told us about those funny little things they did during the day and how much progress had been achieved. At the Christmas shows we were always amazed at how much they could remember. We are really glad that they had such a good foundation it’s made my wife and I very proud parents – Throughout their primary, secondary and now university education our children have continued to be excellent successful leaders and responsible individuals.

Mark Daniel

As a family we were so blessed to have been able to have found Mother Goose Nursery. After having my first child in 2007, I returned to work after 6 months maternity leave. I searched and searched for childcare. On the top of my list of what I so was looking for in childcare: clean areas, good outdoor space, experienced friendly staff and structured days. As soon as I came across Mother Goose Greendale Fields. I automatically knew this was the nursery. The outside space is so welcoming. They even have their own nature garden that hosts monthly events. There are hens and a fish pond. Amazing. The staff are so kind and friendly. There were always full reports on how children are getting on. They have their own chef that cooks amazingly freshly prepared meals. They opening hours are great too. I cannot recommend this nursery enough. Both of my children loved their time there. My daughter is now 13 and my Son 8. Their best friends are still their friends they made from baby room. As a family we have now made lifelong family friends. They made the leapt into junior school fully equipped with having learned many life tools so early on. My children still speak happily about their early years of Mother Goose Nursery. I can not recommend this nursery enough.

Mandy Dale

I am a key parent during the COVID lock down. My 15 month old son joined Mother Goose Nursery when the lock down started in Spring 2020. Coming from another nursery which he had been attending since 10 months of age, it was a big transition for him.
However, his transition was smooth and I feel that this is a reflection of the quality care that the staff here provide. Everyone has been attentive to my son’s needs, they are caring, accommodating, polite and take pride in what they do as experienced childcare practitioners. They also ensure that i’m involved in my son’s care/experiences and incorporate my suggestions/feedback.
The nursery environment is spacious, clean and offers a variety of resources which facilitates the children in not only learning and developing in a safe space. But also truly enjoying their experiences there.

Tenika Richardson

We joined the Mother goose family @greendale in 2015, when my daughter was nearly one year’s old. My younger daughter started @9months and is due to graduate in the summer of 2020! We were so blessed to have found such a local fantastic nursery. The whole team are wonderful from room-leaders to music teachers, to chefs and cleaners.The environment is very welcoming, relaxed, professional and well run. Both of my children have been very content here (no tears at drop off!), they always come home, happy, and excited about their day.

They have met a lot of local children whom they have formed lovely friendships, and are still friends today.

Lucia Gray and Dan Hoogeveen

Ella started with Mother Goose in Spring 2017 and has now left to go to school in September 2020. Following on from Ella’s last day I want to say a huge thank you to the Greendale team. She has developed exponentially over her years at Greendale and we will look back on this time with very fond memories. We are particularly grateful for the way you managed Ella’s last few weeks at nursery, helping her to address the difficulties she was experiencing with a friendship. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the current staff. She has certainly grown in confidence under their supervision and is much more school ready than she was.

I would just like to add how wonderfully the nursery has been run during the pandemic crisis. Staying open for key workers, relaxing fees over lockdown, thorough planning and risk assessments for the safe return of our children and keeping things running wonderfully smoothly for children and parents. We acknowledge the hard work and determination that has gone into all this and are very impressed and grateful.

Steven and Helen Dellow

My eldest child started going to Mother Goose nursery as a baby in late 2008 and my youngest will be leaving the nursery in 2020. At all stages, they were looked after by professional and motivated staff who offered them a loving and caring place to grow up and make friends. As a parent, I really valued that they spent a lot of time playing outside and that they ate without a fuss (at least at nursery) a very large range of good food. Thank you to all!

Clemence Routaboul